Fallcrest Characters

Larian Osterman – Halfling aerialist rogue with itchy fingers and a phobia for snakes.

Wisera Osterman – Proprietor of the Silver Unicorn Inn – Cousin and hostess of Larian.

Faren Markelhay – Lord Warden of Fallcrest

Selarund Halfmoon – Manages the local Halfmoon Trading House. A distant relative of Larian’s.

Douven Staul – intellectual rogue operating out of the Blue Moon Alehouse. “Information broker.”

Siddi – Friend and patron of Larian; operates out of the common room of hte Nentir Inn

Alfin Vorn – Wealthy merchant who lives in a big house on the bluff overlooking Lowtown. Owns caravans running from the southern cities to Hammerfast. Works with the Swiftwater halfling clan.

Nimozaran the Green – The elderly wizard of the Septarch’s Tower

Ressilmae Starlight – High Priest of the Moonsong Temple

Selmik the Rat – Rat headed human who leads the wererats from a lair in the Catacombs.

Fallcrest Characters

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