Eyes of Hadar

The Eyes of Hadar are an adventuring party currently headquartered in the Chamber of Eyes beneath Thunderspire Labyrinth.

They currently consist of:

Hadarai the Eladrin Starpact Warlock
Gadrik the Dwarven Rogue
Ingar the Elven Ranger
Grue the Goblin Warrior
Vuori the Dwarven Paladin of the Raven Queen

Notable NPCs:

Rendil Halfmoon – Friend, and son of Erra Halfmoon of the Halfmoon Trading House
Brugg – Ogre constable of the Seven Pillared Hall
Gendar – Drow merchant
OrontorMage of Saruun
Paldemar – former Mage of Saruun
Captain Blade – Agent of Fallcrest, looking for the Head of Garash Vren
Karavakos – Tiefling conqueror imprisoned by Devils in the Pyramid of Shadows
Vyrellis – Former Eladrin princess, wife of Karavakos until he beheaded her. Now a disembodied head in the form of a white orb.

Eyes of Hadar

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