Chamber of Eyes

Once a temple dedicated to the deep god Torog, lord of monsters; the Chamber was serving as the headquarters for the Bloodreavers slaver gang when they were assaulted by a group of adventurers looking for enslaved villagers.

After securing the Chamber, the newly monikered Eyes of Hadar took it as their own base of operations. They employed the halflings of the Halfmoon House and the dwarves do the Deepgem Mining Company to renovate the space substantially. This renovation included removing statuary and replacing it; rededicating the chapel from Torog to The Raven Queen, Melora, and Sehanine; redoing some of the water features; and adding more security measures.

The goblin warrior, Grue serves as the captain of the guards, commanding (and training) a force of five former human slaves.

The warlock/priest Hadarai spends most of his time here, overseeing the operation of the shrine and the Chamber as a whole, and supervising a pair of dwarven acolytes to the worship of the Raven Queen.

Chamber of Eyes

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