The Nentir Vale

Ingar's Journal #14

14 Went back towards Fastormell, Had random encounter, scared them off. Then slept near tower. Mage’s tower still stands shrouded in silver myst. Killed patchwork beings and a chain man with big fire lizard near lake. Went through fog and killed half devil/man things. We are ready to go into the tower, the traps outside door are disabled. We checked the door and it is locked, but does not appear to be trapped. We have not had an extended rest.

Ingar's Journal 1 - 13
The Ranger's Account

1 Go to Talon’s Keep ruins and look for “Jade Chalice” 400 GP reward from Lord Markalhay in Fallcrest. Keep is gone, stairs down near waterfall. Went down stairs, killed orcs and wolves. Found secret doors and room with corpses at attention. Killed a lot ‘o kolbalds, orcs, drakes, and 1 imp. Saw black dragon and walked away.

2 Luin Brownwood says go retrieve hostages from Harkenwald and get 500 GP from Baron. They were taken underground at Thunderspire. Nimosaroun the Green (Sage) says was center of Minotaur city. Order of wizards took over (underdark). Labyrinth. We walked into Labyrinth walked 20 minutes into mountain on paved road well lit. Hear people in room w/ door cracked and light talking about and to a Halfling slave.

3 We killed the bloodreavers. Rescued a Halfling (Rendil). Went by Drow “Gendar” and sold stuff. Went to Inn and drank. Free room and board at Inn if we want it.

4 Went to Chamber of Eyes, killed hobgoblins and goblins. Still need to kill wolf. We are holed up in back bedroom to sleep. We found note: contract for slaves from Murkelmor Grimmerzhul. Need to loot compound open treasure chest and wolf. We converted the Wolf to our side. Put money and gems in chest in secret passage. Sold loot to Gender, who was happy we killed more bloodreaver. He wants help retrieving a scepter taken by Duergar (dwarves). Grimmerzhul is head of them and Hornhold. Run into someone in the bar. She wants us to kill more bloodreavers. She doesn’t like Gendar.

5 We took innkeeper Rendil to our new house. He brings 3 halfling friends. We want to clean the place. Our wolf’s room needs the slaver chains out and a big dog bed. We want to take out the 2 scary statues of the frog and minutemaid. We are going to replace with 3 statues of our G-d’s in the wolf’s room. We also want a fountain for the dog bowl. We also need beds and “stuff” for the sitting room. Gave the Rendil 100 gp to start and a gem (worth 100gp) to take to “Deep Gem Company” Dwarves to talk about stonework. Then we went to Hornhold.

Hornhold was well fortified. Killed Orcs at portcullis. Then had a nasty fight with orcs and dwarves. Almost died and then got a buttload of loot including finding stash! Went back to sell stuff, left anvils in front of doors.

We sold a bunch of stuff to Gender and got 2 suits of +2 sylvan armor. We owe him 3400 GP worth of stuff or gold. If we don’t come back he gets the Chamber of Eyes. Our house is shaping up. Paid dwarves 5 gems for stonework. 100 GP we gave Rendil will cover furniture.

Went back to Hornhold fought people in front area first. Crossed bridge and jumped guys on balcony. Found old chapel with wights in it. Killed them and then found dusty old crypt. Took minotaur bone for wolf. No one has been in this area in over a year so we rest here (since the wights took our healing surges). Downstairs from crypt we hear slaves being herded by dwarves and something else.

6 Found room of spiny things and dwarves with slaves. We rescued 14 slaves. 2 other slaves bought by black fang gnolls. Hornhold not cleared yet.

7 Someone wants to defect from the Duergar. He is in a position of power, sent a note via a kobald. Wanted to meet, can’t meet right now, send work to chamber of eyes where we can meet in a week or so. We went to search down the other 2 slaves. Tracked Gnolls from disbanded camp. Met Teifling that told us the black fang gnolls the “Well of Demons”. Teifling lead us into a fight with evil spiny bastards. Killed everything and hurt badly. Went home to recover! Teifling had a map to the well of demons. After rest went to Well of Demons. Pillars in the first room told us about seeking Baphomet boundless glory, worthy ones get power, Mask Bell Blade and Tome.

Haderai snuck about Well of Demons he learned things: 1 old ritual magic permeates area. It is connected to the abyss and somebody is wrestling with that connection. 2 4 items to get: Mask Bell Blade and Tome, each to be place in separate rune circles simultaneously. 3 To the South he found 3 ghosts: they were dead adventurers that did not complete our mission. Ghosts say 3 items are held in testing chambers to the N/S/W the book is on an alter to the E 4 Each item guarded by a magic trap and other unknown guards 5 Treasure under alter in S chamber 6 Inner sanctum is E of testing chambers 7 Complete the ritual of places the items will: set traps in the chambers including the central passage (a crushing sphere trap), these traps are not currently set. It opens the inner sanctum, which is where the Gnoll leader is. It releases a green dragon in the middle of the testing chambers. Gnolls completed ritual.

Maldrick is the Gnoll leader stuck in the inner chamber.

Fought a lot of hyena’s and they sucked to fight. Had to run due to too many hyena’s, Teiflings and Gnolls. We went home! Need to buy more potions! We only left 7 but we need more resources to succeed.

8 Our house got attacked by the Maldrick, head of the Black Fang Gnolls. We almost died, many times. We lost 1 slave and 1 of Rendil’s cousin. He brought a big monkey, we trapped it. He mentioned the name Paldemar. We are figuring the rest of the slaves are dead. Maldrick was carrying a bunch of letters that record of an alliance to Paldemar. Paldemar had gained a bunch of demonic power from relics Maldrick had found for him. Paldemar has sacrificed some items to Vecna in order for knowledge and to get control to the “Tower of Mysteries” which was dedicated to Vecna. Rendal recognized name Paldemar, he says he is one of the mages of Sarun.

We sold 2 clocks and the 2 statues. We are no longer in debt and we got some cash. We still needed to sell stuff and buy potions. We were lead to talk to the wizards. Orontor asked us if we know about Paldemar. We asked him who he is, he said Paldemar has been missing for 6 months. Orontor will give us 1000 GP and an 8th level magic item if we figure out what he is up to.

We are trying to trap our house, we gave the Dwarves 100 GP advance. We sent 1 slave home with a note explaining that some died and some were staying to apprentice. We paid 10 GP for safe travel. 5 household staff, 1 went with Rendil, and 2 went with the deep gem company.

We follow the Key’s guiding. We get to a secret door. When we enter there is a teleportation area which we have to barter knowledge to get through. We got through and fought weird goblins and pillars shot at us. Slept and then went through another transporter. We found a bronze head in a tank, we destroyed it. We ran once we found Paldemar because we almost died. Went back and still got paid and we still need to decide on our 8th level magic item.

9 We went to look for the septer in horned helm. Had to get through porticollis which is more of a gate. Found septer and freed 3 more slaves. They helped us carry a bunch of loot home. We still have an area down a hallway that we could investigate. 1 slave is interested in staying as a guard. We outfitting them well with leather or chain, shortswords, crossbows, hammer….and the like. 500 lbs of Ale!! Came home too!

10 Orantor was sitting in our dining room when we were woken up by the servants. The mages had gone to take out Paldemar he was gone. So was most of the stuff! 1 scroll left that was legible it said “Vast magic for the taking, place of power, seek Karavakos” and a map with a big pyramid located in a forest about a week north of where we are (winterbole forest). They guess this is where Paldemar went. 2500 GP and a LV 12 magic item to bring to information about what this is and stop Paldemar if we can.

We bought a bag of holding, arrows and potions to go. We also got a charm of awakening and a hunter’s flint.

We go, on day 3 we come upon a group of travelers that are well armed and in Red. They are probably from Fallcrest. We met Captian Blade and his men. Warned us about Garish Vren who is a dragon born with a bounty on his head. Came to Fastermell, Mage’s tower still stands shrouded in silver myst, even after 200 years. We might come back to this at some point. A crazy wizardy guy walks into camp as we are setting up. He is dirty and unkempt. He screams the pyramid is mine! We fight a bunch of stuff and then a figure asks us from the small pyramid “What do you seek” We say Knowledge. We go into the pyramid. Welcome to the pyramid of shadows. The teifling says the only way to escape is to kill us 3 times. We killed a badass 2 headed giant. Then we freed a Voralis head that is an orb. Gadrick is carrying it around. She suggested that we head to an area that we need to clear rats from so that we can rest. There are a lot of bones! Once cleared we rested and then went to library. The library whispers at us in many languages. Voralis’s head is wailing. We went back to sleep in the rat room.

11 We wake up in the room of bones. Bone are more organized into skeletons then they were. We went back to the library (suggested by Voralis head) to look for something. Crown seems to be missing “gemstone” which would help us get out. It is tied to Veralis, but it wouldn’t help anyone else. We remember some tragic love story about Voralis and Karavakos. We go to an upstairs in the library and hear a teifling and other behind door. We open door and see a statue (trap) staring at us. Gadrick disabled in a spectacular way. Killed a “splinter” teifling who threw lightening. Got a key and loot! “Soul” orb flew away from body when we killed it. Ring of draconic ruins under canopy says “The key of knowledge shines beneath the ring of holy stars” Canopy above has stars, but not a ring of them. On the key it says “First in hardness, not in place.” We killed big lizard men in the water. Voralis really wants to check out what is behind the double doors.

We made it safely across the water to the room and find a statue with a moonstone that Vorallis says we need. The stone sinks into the orb now it has an eye. Get into fight with Garrish, who mentions Ference (a probable large monster behind a barred door). We killed and put Garrish’s head in the bag of holding. Had to kill Ference (wearwolf). Rested then found woman trapped by devils praying to bahmout. It turned out she was a succubus and was happy to be free. (Voralis wasn’t happy to free her once she realized who it was) We found another gem for another eye for Voralis in the secret room off the chapel. Then we wondered to another area of the dungeon. In this area we are on a bridge and a harpie is singing us into the water. So killed all.

Then we found Voralis’s body, but it turned out not to be good. Her head went into the chest and then the body tried to run away. We had to kill the body and then Voralis’s orb rolled out. Found grand staircase! It sucked, harpy burns. Stairs trapped! Blindness!

12 Slept in stairwell. Went through double doors and found demons and gargoyle transporter demons that want to be fed. We fed the gargoyles the bodies and they were so happy they spit out a magic bow. Found a secret door, went through a curtain past hooded figures. Found 3 iron doors. Knocked at the western one and someone who hissed answered, but wouldn’t open. Medusa type from stonehold mountains, named Jehara the archer. We walked through the wooden door to the south (because the iron door we came though wouldn’t open). We are in a hallway. We hear humans on one side and walked towards them. Humans appear crazy! Find Necromancer, who is nice to us. He is helping the crazy humans, they are all stuck. His boss a mindflayer tried to make a portal out and failed. This is what is left. He tells us the Dragon is back the way we came. In the next room was a splinter of karavakos that is held. The splinter is held by chains and surrounded by a force field that will force teleport. It took a long time to hurt and kill the splinter. Once we killed it, just like the last one, the “soul” flew out. It left a Mithral key that had an elven inscription that said “The night is mine” The force field disappeared slowly thereafter. So now one more spark of vorallis (probably gem with the dragon) and one more of karavakos. We talked to the necromancer again and he was happy to have more room to expand. The room left behind the steel doors is the heart of madness. If we take care of the heart, the necromancer will let us out. The three doors lead to the guardpost (the demon faces), the medussa (an ally of the far realm), and then a passage to the elves and dragon. The heart of madness is the former chamber of the mindflayer and it is now a living being, it pulses aberrant energy. We are going to rest here in the safety of the necromancer’s space.

13 The necromancer (Medrigil) tells us that the mindflayer went splat and is all over an area that now seems “funny” He gives us directions to the area. We walk into what seems to be intestine lined dungeon. We go through some doors and find the source of blood seeping into a pool down the hall. We fight a tentacled tough wormy thing. We start taking acid damage. We attacked the hole the blood is coming out of and got into the chamber with the heart. We killed the heart and the walls started shrinking back. Medrigil thanked us and pointed us towards the dragon. The dragon was an ice dragon and we bartered with him for the last splinter of voralis. Now she has her whole face. So now we are headed to the top to find the last of karavakos. We head up the stairs and find a hall with lots ‘o coffins and rats. After killing these we find Karavakos’s hall of bones. The boney structures try to grab us and flaming skulls hurl fireballs. It sucked and we almost died! When the splinter died a blob of black energy shot up through the ceiling. We slept! Then we went back to search the crypt room. Then to kill the lich and friends in the last room we peaked into on this floor. It turned out to be a vampire with reappearing minions. Then we went to the 3 doors and used the 3 keys in the right order to open them. We found many Karavakos looking beings. They were minions that Karavakos could bounce in and out of. Very difficult fight.

When we win the dungeon “melts” away and the room we were in became the top of the flat of a pyramid in the middle of the winterbole forest. Voralis says thank you and disappears. We didn’t find Paldemar. We hiked a couple hours before we camped. Everyone was free now of the pyramid and were coming up the stairs and leaving.

Eyes of Hadar: So far...

The group that would eventually come to be known as the Eyes of Hadar originally gathered to do a job for Lord Markelhey of Fallcrest. They retrieved an heirloom chalice for him from some ruins in Talon Pass.
After their success in working together, they decided to take a job tracking down some slavers who had apparently disappeared into the labyrinth under Thunderspire Mountain. A hunter from Harkenwold hired them on behalf of his baron to return some locals who had been taken as slaves.
Once in the mountain, the group (consisting of Hadarai the warlock, Gadrik the rogue, and Ingar the ranger) Quickly made the acquaintance of the halflings of Halfmoon House (by saving Rendil Halfmoon from slavers).

With the help of Rendil and the Drow trader Gendar, the trio managed to track down most of the enslaved villagers; along the way dispersing the Bloodreaver slaver gang and taking their hideout, assaulting the local stronghold of the Grimmherzhul Duergar three times, and fighting a war of attrition with the Blackfang Gnolls (which almost cost them their lives on a couple of occasions and resulted in a few of the slaves they were trying to rescue getting sacrificed to Yeenoghu).

They discovered that the Bloodreavers and the Blackfang Gnolls were both working for a renegade wizard named Paldemar, who was nominally a member of the cohort of mages who ruled the Seven Pillared Hall (The Mages of Saruun). They tracked Paldemar down to his hideout in the Tower of Mysteries and disrupted his plans to take over the entire labyrinth. They were forced to retreat before the mage’s forces though, and the Mages of Saruun rewarded them handsomely and took over the pursuit of the rogue wizard.

Paldemar, however, had fled the Tower of Mysteries leaving behind only cryptic references to a search for power in a mysterious pyramid and a note to “Seek Karavakos”.


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